A Structured Blog

So school is starting soon and I know this blog will just get abandoned like the countless others if I don’t make a timetable for myself. This isn’t a set in stone kind of thing but one I hope to roughly follow. Here it goes: 

On Sunday’s I’m going to write about something I’m currently enjoying. This is purposely very vague as this may include books, movies, songs, clothes or even make-up. Expect the unexpected. 

On Thursday’s I’m going to do a tag. This may seem like an unusual choice but I really enjoy not only not having to think about what to write but the structure being set out for me as well (as you can tell I’m quite lazy). I think it’s also a great way to get to know me. (If, god forbid, anyone would actually want to do that). 

 Lastly, I would just like to say although this may seem limiting this does not mean I won’t be posting any other stuff with my opinions and other completely random things about my life.

Until next time lovely people,




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