I Am Not A Writer.

To those who have read any of my previous blog posts this may be blatantly obvious but to everyone else I feel the need to clarify. In my eyes, someone who is a writer is someone who enjoys writing and may even be good at it – neither of these things are true for me. At this point you may be thinking ‘why the hell does she write a blog then?’ And this is where the excuses start.

I haven’t written a blog post in a looong time – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. I started a blog as an outlet for my opinions as well as to meet and interact with people of similar interests. The problem has been that whenever I sit down and attempt to write a post, I just can’t express what I want to say as easily in the written word as I can out loud. I am also painfully self concious of my sometimes appalling grammar and just generally not very good writing. But this stops now. From now on I’m just going to write without caring if people are going to judge or criticise my writing skills. If you are still reading after all this ramble then thank you.

Until next time lovely people,



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