Have we learnt from the past?

Simon Davies wrote a complaint into the BBC saying, ‘News such as America bombing ISIS being fed across the screen while the Last Post was being played, etc. – deeply inappropriate.’

In my view this is the most appropriate timing ever.

The whole point of armistice day is not only to remember and honour the dead but to remember the tragedy, loss and suffering that was felt through that war by all sides involved. It is to remind us how lucky we are that the soldiers fought for peace and how we never ever want to go through that again. But wait. People are living in a similar situation right now. In the 21st Century. Where disputes should be settled over discussions and talks. But are they? The first instinct is still to reach for the gun. Do we remember nothing? Or do we not care as long as it doesn’t affect us?

These were just a few of my thoughts running through my head in those two minutes.

Until next time lovely people,



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