Enjoying your job

I overheard someone on the train saying how much they loved their job today and it just got me thinking as to how little I hear that phrase. Normally when I ask people how their work is going the answer is, ‘yeah alright’ or ‘work’s work’ or something along these lines. It was so refreshing to hear someone actually enjoying their job. I do understand that it’s not always possible to choose your occupation and sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just do something you don’t enjoy to survive. But I’m not talking about these people. I’m talking about the privileged people, like myself, who are lucky enough to choose a career path. And more and more I’m realising that so many people choose their careers based on money. Yes this is important, but is it worth sacrificing your happiness? If you have any comments or opinions about this subject please comment! This isn’t a very light post for the run up to Christmas but I did warn you it was going to be a bit random!

Happy second of December,

slothyqueen 🙂


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