Being Healthy

I’m no health fanatic or guru and I enjoy my cheesecake just as much (let’s face it – more) than the next person but here are my tips for just the average person to become a bit healthier without going crazy with salads and work outs.

1) Swap that chocolate bar/crips packet you’re heading for with a piece of fruit or an energy bar. Not only will it keep you going longer but they have much more goodness packed in them and will make you feel way better in the long run.

2) Take the long route home while walking home. It may not seem like much but doing it every day really does add up!

3) If you don’t walk home then take the opportunity to go for a walk in the evening and appreciate the beauty of this time of year. Whether it’s the Christmas lights in town or the frost on the bare trees. This is really de-stressing as well as a good bit of exercise!

4) Smoothies. Need I say more? They taste great and are packed with nutrients.

5) For a more wintery drink to keep you warm and cosy go for green tea. There are loads of anti-oxidants in them that will make you feel great. It also goes towards your water intake for the day which is an added bonus.

6) Leading on nicely from that is water. You’ve probably heard this a load of times but water truely does make you feel great.

I don’t know any more than the next person about health but I do know that sometimes you just need that little boost to get going so here it is!

Happy 5th December,

slothyqueen 🙂

P.S We are just going to ignore the fact I’ve missed a couple of days 😉


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