The Beginning | BEDA #1

This is a last minute decision to Blog Every Day in August. The reason for this sudden burst of inspiration is two videos I watched about why they were doing VEDA in which I connected with so many of their reasons. They were from doddlevloggle and notjustblonde2. I’m well proud of those hyperlinks so go check their videos out.

The reason I, personally, am taking on this challenge (one that I have failed to achieve before) is because I have so many topics I wish to talk about but every time I go to write a post I feel myself becoming self concious about the way I have worded my post or what I am saying and can’t bring myself to click that blue publish button for fear of tainting my blog. BEDA gives me a chance to just write without caring and put out there what’s currently circulating in my mind.

Since it is 31 days and therefore a theoretical 31 blog posts, if you decide to follow me on this journey expect the most random content from topical debates to facts about sloths.

Until tomorrow lovely people,



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