Writing a Diary

It’s amazing how much of the past you forget and only uncover when sifting through old diary entries or photos. I often wonder how many wonderful moments I have forgotten about and will never remember because I haven’t documented them. But then again, I have experienced them first hand so does it matter that I won’t experience it again?

The reason I’ve been trying to write more regularly in my diary recently is because I love that feeling of reading it back, especially cherishing the small details that my brain just cannot retain. Even reading it after just a few weeks, the nostalgia that washes over you is so worth the tiny bit of time and effort of writing it down at the time.

On another note, I never write about the bad things. I just don’t see the point, however, I can see how for some people this would be a release and just the act of writing would make them feel better. Maybe I will try it next time I’m feeling down. Tell me what you guys think about writing a diary.

Until tomorrow lovely people,



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