Library Chat | NaBloPoMo

If you had asked me 6 months ago if I enjoyed working in the library I would have scoffed in your face and told you that it was way too boring for me. How could people stay there without talking?!

Today, I spent 3 hours in the library in silence. And I enjoyed it. I’m not sure where this productivity and motivation is coming from at the moment but I’m going to go with the flow. Do you guys have any preferred working environments?

Until tomorrow lovely people,



2 thoughts on “Library Chat | NaBloPoMo

  1. Kangaruni

    I quite like staircase landings. Even if there are no seats, the floor can be quite comfy if you have a corner, and I can use the stairs to keep my work at different levels, so it doesn’t get jumbled up. Plus the ambient noise is juuuust right, and everyone says hello when they walk by.


    1. That’s a really interesting place actually. A couple of my friends do this and I’ve never seen the appeal but I think I will try this next week! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂


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