Comfort Zones | NaBloPoMo

Finding a balance between spending time in your comfort zone but also exploring the world outside your comfort zone is a difficult balance to strike. Without wandering from your cosy niche in the world you may never discover a future comfort or an unforgettable experience, but you also run the risk of extreme discomfort and unhappiness.

In the end, I think it depends on the sort of person you are and what makes you happy. For me, going on quite a few trips this year and having to interact and make new friends with so many new people in unknown environments has been exciting and has led me to some immense and awesome experiences.

Until tomorrow lovely people,



One thought on “Comfort Zones | NaBloPoMo

  1. Kangaruni

    I had a similar dilemma last year, except mine was more of a discomfort zone. So trying to change a lil bit really helped shake off the funk!


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