Chill Out | NaBloPoMo

‘Just chill the fuck out’ – A phrase I repeat more, than there are pig jokes about Cameron (of which there are some absolute crackling jokes on that topic still circulating).

People often stress and worry about the smallest, most irrelevant things. Ironically (did I use it right?!), this frustrates me. In my opinion, people need to take one step back and look at the bigger picture. Is getting slightly lower in this mock exam going to affect you in any way in the future? Unlikely. So, don’t stress about it and be happy.

However, now, more than ever, I understand why those people stress and it’s often a symptom of caring about something. And is caring too much about something ever bad? In any case, I will keep telling everyone to chill the fuck out to try and show people the benefits of a stress-free life.

Until tomorrow lovely people,



2 thoughts on “Chill Out | NaBloPoMo

  1. Kangaruni

    I’m sorry, you didn’t use it right.
    However I am in full agreement with everything else, except that sometimes it can be bad to care too much if your feelings are not reciprocated, in which case it can hurt. Personally I would still care, partly because I can’t stop myself, but also because forcing myself to let go of something doesn’t seem the right option either.


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