Are You Interesting? | NaBloPoMo

‘Give an interesting fact about yourself’ was the first question asked at a training event for my work today. You could take this in two ways:

  1. There are many things that are unique and interesting about myself so how am I meant to choose the most interesting?
  2. There is nothing that makes me more interesting than the next person so there are no facts to give.

In the end I panicked and went with, ‘I like extreme sports’. I hear all your sharp intakes of breath at how wildly surprising and interesting that was.

What would your interesting fact be?

Until tomorrow lovely people,



9 thoughts on “Are You Interesting? | NaBloPoMo

      1. Well, I did the Nevis one (the highest and best) in Queenstown, New Zealand, another one off the harbour bridge in Auckland, New Zealand, and another one just outside San Jose in Costa Rica. I love the adrenaline! Have you done it yourself?


  1. Haha, extreme sports isn’t a bad answer. I was presented this question in class once and replied with, “an interesting fact about me is that this question caused so much fear in me that I considered leaving this class and never returning.”


      1. I wish. The TA didn’t help either. She treated the situation as awkwardly as possible and eventually moved on while giving me a worried look.
        Some people have no idea how to react to shy/introverted people.


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