Asking For It by Louise O’Neill | Book Review

For those who have not read this book an extremely simplified version of the plot is that an 18 year old girl named Emma is gang raped by a group of ‘well-respected’ boys in her town. The book highlights how society responds in this situation as well as the feelings Emma herself has towards the ordeal.
I have to admit, not all aspects of this book made me think 5* book. But one aspect that certainly did was the way in which the issue of rape culture was tackled. This was done so perfectly – it was incredibly hard-hitting at exactly the right places.
At the beginning, I often felt as though many modern culture references were trying to be thrown in, just for the sake of it. As the book went on, this aspect died down and when modern references were made, it seemed to be more relevant.
The repetitive words in italics towards the end simply did not have the intended effect on me, they were just inconveniences which I would skip over in order to get to the interesting parts. This leads on to the point that there were some parts of the book I couldn’t put down but others where it was incredibly repetitive and I would’ve preferred some character development of some of the other main characters.
I understand the author’s desire to be realistic with the ending which is why I’m struggling to form an opinion as to whether or not I liked it. There were just too many loose ends and it felt as though Emma’s story wasn’t complete. But maybe the story is for the reader to complete?
Overall, this book deals with extremely important issues and is a very quick and gripping read. The issues aren’t specific to one gender and neither is this book.

Thanks for reading this far. Book reviews aren’t my strong point so constructive criticism would be great!

Until next time lovely people,



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