Are you doing what you expected to be?

It’s weird to think how our past selves of years or even weeks ago would never expect our present selves to do some of the things we are doing. I’ve been thinking about a few examples in my own life:

  • I have a blog where I write posts?! Writing has never ever been my strong point so if you had told 14-year old me that I actually enjoyed writing (kind of) regularly on my blog, I would have laughed whole-heartedly at the mere suggestion.
  • I am willingly taking 3 extra maths modules for fun. Exactly a year ago I remember my exact words being, ‘I hate maths, I’m definitely going to drop it this year.’ And here I am carrying on with maths and taking it to a further level. How did this happen? :’)
  • I now volunteer at a disabled youth group; and went on holiday with them. A few weeks in to volunteering at the youth group, I went along to the Isle of Wight with them barely knowing any of the staff or young people there. (Look out for a future post talking more about this trip!). Even just two years ago, I would never have had the confidence to go off by myself like this.

I think what I’m trying to say in my usual roundabout way is that unless you try things that you think you’ll hate you might never find something that you love. And it’s not worth taking that risk.

Until next time lovely people,




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