Random Things I Learnt This Week

Bloggers and readers alike seem to love lists. As do I! So here’s a list of the things I learned after a not so brilliant week:

  • Cryptic crosswords aren’t impossible! – I don’t know about you but until recently I used to dismiss the cryptic crossword as impossible and a thing for middle-aged parents to do at the breakfast table; while I stuck to the logical, doable sudokus. Turns out, as long as you do a bit of research on the technique, they are within reach and actually, somewhat surprisingly, quite fun.
  • Waiting time is not wasted time – When waiting for the next bus after missing the other by 30 seconds (an annoyingly regular occurrence being me) the time in between when you are in limbo can and should be enjoyed. In the mornings, I have been looking and appreciating the glorious winter sky. And in the evenings, I ponder the events of the day taking note of what could be improved for the next. Stressing about not doing anything isn’t going to help so enjoying the time in whatever way is best for you is the way to go.
  • It’s hard to be interesting – Although the case in real life, I mainly mean on social media. How is it possible to tweet more than one witty and funny tweet a day? In fact if anyone has any tips on how to be witty at all they would be much appreciated.

Do you have any slightly random things you’ve learnt this week?

Until next time lovely people,



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