Why do I want followers?

I’ve never been one of those #likeforlikes or #followforfollow people but why do I become slightly happier when that little notification button tells me I have a new follower? I’ve always maintained that I write this blog for myself. For my enjoyment and for my future self to read back on in the near and far future. But I think underneath this is the ultimate human desire to be understood and validated. When someone follows me it means they want to read more of my opinions and more about me. It also means that I can potentially have an impact on more people (however tiny), and in a way, that’s power. So does that mean the more followers I have the more power I have and that’s why I like it? If this is the case, things are bad and I definitely need to change my motivation for this blog.  On the other hand maybe I’m just overthinking this and I just like interacting with new people. Who knows?

Let me know your opinion on the matter!

Until next time lovely people,



9 thoughts on “Why do I want followers?

  1. That’s why you should be more careful when sharing your thoughts. Some people might take it as a fact. Others might just ignore it. But for most of the time, bloggers like us would love to indulge new ideas. We’re open-minded.


    1. I think the reason why I started this blog is so that I can share my thoughts while being completely honest. I’m here to be completely open with all my opinions and that’s why I love the open-mindedness of bloggers.


      1. Yes I have to agree. If your intentions were pure then you can share it without fear. But as you said about this post, yes you have the power. Information is powerful. It could be used to save lives or the other way around.

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  2. Validation is understandable. Writers don’t tend to hide new manuscripts. For me, it’s just nice being social and connecting in some way. I enjoy getting likes and especially comments, because it tells me someone either appreciates what I wrote, agrees/disagrees with something I thought, or relates to what I’m experiencing or thinking. It’s why I post here and not in a journal or notes on my phone (I do both of those things, but still post here). I can write 10,000 words on a subject but never write what you would say about the subject. It’s nice to get that perspective.

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