Revolving Doors – An Analogy

It can’t be just me who think automatic revolving doors (the sort in the entrance to shopping centres) are the most stupid things to be created. It’s kind of a metaphor for a shit life really; doing the same thing again and again, going round in circles at a painfully slow rate and never really getting anywhere. Normal automatic or push doors on the other hand provide an analogy for dictating the pace of your own life and getting straight to the point and most importantly moving forward.

This very weird rant comes from my local shopping centre spending money  removing the perfectly fine automatic door for one of these stupid things and I’m irritated about the amount of time I have already wasted in it. On another note, manual revolving doors are so much fun. You can just run in a circle and feel like a hamster for a while.

This post was real fricking weird so follow me for more ‘normal’ content in the future.

Until next time lovely people,



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