How do you make people feel?

It’s the way that people make you feel that you remember; not exactly what they said.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what exactly the person is doing or saying when they make me feel valued or just good, but it’s so difficult. I think it’s a combination of body language, eye contact, content of the words they say and just the general vibes that they give.

I try to constantly judge and recognise how make people feel. It’s a difficult one, because people so often hide their true feelings, but putting yourself in their shoes and taking time out to think about how you would react in their situation, is time well spent. Making a few changes like showing genuine interest in what they’re talking about and giving them your full attention can make such a difference. I’m lucky to say that I have so many people around me who make me and others feel special; now it’s just for me to learn from them!

I would love to know what you think about the things I’ve said!

Until next time lovely people,




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