This whole idea of something being ‘goals’ has really blown up and I see it commented (mostly serious I believe?) everywhere beneath pictures of couples, decor, friends and literally anything else.

Now, contrary to my tone above, I’m not against someone expressing their desire to have something by commenting ‘#goals’ but it really irks me when, for example, it’s a relationship. From a picture how can you tell whether these two random people on the internet have a deep connection? How can you tell the relationship isn’t abusive? How can you tell they are happy? The short answer to all of those questions is; you can’t. You never really know what happens once the camera is off so can you judge whether that is really the goal you are aiming for?

Another prominent type of post where ‘#goals’ comments are numerous are ones showing off peoples’ body. Body image is a huge issue as it is, yet saying that this one particular body shape is the goal, the perfect way to be? Isn’t that just putting unnecessary pressure to look a certain way?

I think the main thing that I don’t like about this whole #goals craze is the fact that I often only see it on the same types of posts; the ones with certain expensive products, pretty minimalistic rooms, conventionally beautiful people etc. And this to me, says there is a particular way to live that is valued more than any another. Maybe I’m just looking into this way too deep and everyone is just using it as a sarcastic phrase just as I do.

I would love to know your opinions on ‘#goals’ and whether or not you use it so let me know in the comments!

Until next time lovely people,


P.S – Hug yourself every time I wrote goals in this post (you’ll have a lot of endorphins afterwards!)


6 thoughts on “#Goals

    1. Hey, I appreciate you commenting, but it might have been nice if you’d maybe left a comment relating to the post rather than plugging your own blog, especially considering I don’t believe you don’t follow mine? Hope you understand where I’m coming from!


  1. #goals Has ended up everywhere! I am guilty of using it sometimes! Never for anything like relationships though. It’s so funny how people will write #goals on something but be without a job or a car etc. Like, I think your goals should be focused on the attainable not some stupid picture from tumblr. Anyway, I really enjoyed this post. Keep writing! 🙂


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