Working with Lazy Colleagues

This post is all those tips that you’ve always wanted to solve your problems that come with working with those lazy colleagues of yours that just seem to get away with doing absolutely no work.

Protip No 1Do not stoop to their level. Whatever happens just don’t do it! It’s tempting I must admit, but this is a bad reflection on yourself and doesn’t really do anything to solve the problem. By you also being lazy even less work will get done and you lose the right to complain about them – which let’s face it, is your conversation starter with nearly every other colleague/friend.

Protip No 2. Ask them to do stuff. But more importantly in the right way. Use phrases such as ‘since I’m doing … at the moment, would you mind doing…’ ‘it would be such a big help if you could do….’ ‘when have a spare moment could you do….’ Basically what I’m trying to say here is, if you see them doing nothing while you slave away ask them to help you. They may say no, in which case you have the right to complain as before.

Protip No.3 Don’t stress. There is nothing you can do (well, apart from protip no. 2) about the actions of your colleagues so the most important thing is just to chill, enjoy your work, work hard and do what you’re meant to be doing. If there are things that haven’t been done due to their laziness then when the manager questions this, be honest, say you worked to your maximum capability and so and so wasn’t pulling their weight.

Now, I’m no expert in the world of real life jobs and this guide is more for myself, but if it helps you too then that’s my good deed for the day. Please leave comments on your tips and whether or not you agree with my (somewhat controversial?) advice.

I’ve just realised I’ve assumed whoever is reading this is a hard-working person so if, in fact, you are the lazy colleague; fuck you.

Until next time lovely people,



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