Fear of failure?

Yesterday my friend said, ‘I’d rather have no grade on my record and not do the subject than have a bad grade and do it.’ I’m paraphrasing but hopefully you get the gist. What’s everyone’s initial reaction to this?

I personally think this is a really damaging mentality and one that is way too common is society. I know, I’m being dramatic, but I think it’s part of a wider issue with the mentality of doing things to maximise your future success rather than learning for the pure joy or just to better yourself. I made the point that a grade, however bad, is better than getting no grade at all and I still agree with that statement. It shows you’ve tried but more importantly you’ve gained knowledge that you didn’t already have. How exciting is that?

Learn for yourself, and the high grade will come with ease. Do you agree with this statement that I’ve spontaneously made up? :’)

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8 thoughts on “Fear of failure?

  1. In reality, you are bound to make failures in your life. No matter what it is. To not accept failure is not growing up. Everything will not happen according to your plans.

    But once you embrace failure and accept that it’s part of something big success will happen in the future, then you will succeed.

    Failure is just a circumstance or temporary situation to welcome success. That’s how life works.

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    1. I think the thing I’m trying to get across here is not to fail just for the sake of it being part of a bigger success, but embrace and enjoy the things you learnt anyway whether or not it leads to success. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. I believe that doing the work is key! How can a person give up before they have really tried? Sounds like FEAR to me. I like your spontaneous quote of sorts. Here’s one my beloved Mother always said to me: “You can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink.” You sound like you are setting an example for your friend. This blog is also a positive. If your friend(s) want to change…if anyone wants to change, it’s got to be them doing it. You/We can only set examples!

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  3. Lil'MissThaing'

    Fear motivates.
    It all depends on how you harness it and transform it into the drive to do better. This is an inspiring post. I’ll try to remember it when I sit for that math paper that’s haunting me 😀


    1. For some it may motivate, but for me fear has never been a motivation. I prefer to have positive motivations such as the prospect of enjoyment. Thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate comments, and good luck for your exam. xx


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