New Years Resolution

Resolutions might not all be kept but they provide a written down, solid way in which you can improve your life. Or at least a written down track of how you’re failing. So here we go:

1. Post at least 1 Instagram photo a week. Why am I forcing myself on to social media you ask. Well, in all honesty I just need to take more photos. There have been amazing moments this year where I’ve just not taken a picture and I’m worried those memories are going to be lost forever. (p.s it’s @prinasumaria)

2. Try a new recipe every week. Recently, my diet has changed for the better and I’m just so excited to try even more healthy recipes!

3. Solidify friendships. The first term of university has meant I’ve made loads of friends, but to me the quality of those friendships is so much more important, so I want to spend more time with the friends I know are going to be there for the long run.

4. Read 20 books.  2016 was an abysmal year of reading for me and that needs to change pronto.

5. Do a month of blogging everyday. I completely forgot to do this last year, but absolutely loved doing it in 2015 so hey, I might even do it in January.

6. Be a more outspoken vegan. Being vegan is an incredibly big and important part of my life. But the environment and animals aren’t going to be saved any quicker if I don’t speak up.

7. Read at least one news article a day. Going to university has meant I’m out of the loop most of the time so let’s try to improve my awareness!

Until next time lovely people,



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