Is Happiness a Choice?

Now, this is a deep, super difficult question to give a black or white response to. I’m sure you have probably heard both sides of the story but this is where I put my twopence into the debate (is that even the right phrase?).

Yes, I believe happiness is a choice. But here’s the catch, I believe happiness is a choice for me. I know that if I’m unhappy for whatever reason it’s most likely unnecessary and I can take steps to get back on the path of happiness.

In my individual brain, I can focus my energy into either positive or negative thoughts. Every moment of the day, I choose whether I think about the things I am grateful for or the things I am lacking. No one else is in my head controlling those thoughts. Of course, environmental factors come into play. However, I know I can turn around most situations into a positive.

At this point I just want to put in a little disclaimer that when I talk about this topic, it comes from a position of privilege where my very basic needs are always fulfilled and there is rarely a severe reason such as my starvation or bereavement for me to be unhappy about.

And this is why I believe happiness is a choice for me. It’s because I have experienced the control I have over my happiness and know the power of that my thoughts have over my feelings.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this complicated but very interesting topic! Also, any book suggestions that tackle this issue would be very much appreciated.

Until next time lovely people,



One thought on “Is Happiness a Choice?

  1. I’m with you on happiness being a choice. I also believe as you do that my basic needs are met each day [proper planning helps], and so I have enough.The things that make happiness real for me derives from the love I carry in my heart. Plus, I am grateful for all that I feel blessed to have. I say “thank you” each and every moment. And really get into doing so while grounding my feet just out of bed. It really does help.

    They say that if you can have a positive thought when you wake up, your day will be happier. I keep my expectations low, so disappointment is also low, if existent at all. I use words and keep touchstones around me so that I’m constantly reminded how I choose to feel. I watch the words I say to myself, and to others.

    I give back. This really helps keep the happiness quotient high.

    I went and looked on Amazon to see what books they offer on Happiness. There are a small handful entitled: “Happiness Is A Choice.” Fancy that! There’s also one that I looked inside of that gives you 500 reasons to be happy. What I noticed right away is that these are “little” things. I imagine some people don’t honor those. They are hoping for something HUGE. My thoughts are ignoring the little things in life sent to make us happy, finds us missing out on the larger items.

    So choose wisely and often people. Notice that you have enough goods and plenty of them. Everything else is gravy!!!


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