It’s exam season here at uni, and in all honesty, I’m fucked. But this post isn’t about the negativity of that statement but what can come out from it.

I don’t regret this year, I could have worked harder true – but I’ve made some incredible new friends, tried out some cool new things, improved myself as a person and all round had a decent year. I’ve been in education for a while now and this was kind of like my break year (while still actually being in education).

First year of university grades-wise doesn’t count for many, but for me it decides whether or not I will get the opportunity to study abroad. At the moment it’s looking bleak. But, what’s the worst that could happen? I fail and have to stay an extra year in Bristol, a city which I adore instead? Failure is something that is becoming more common in my life, and I just have to remember every failure is a learning curve however moist that sounds.

Until next time lovely people,



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