1 month of writing a blog post every single day. Here we go…

When deciding what month I wanted to do this, this year, I searched for a month where I was less busy and had more time to spend on writing. What I found was, that there was no month. My life this year is always ticking – I have breaks from uni, just to travel, and breaks from travel to socialise with family and friends I haven’t seen the rest of the year.

It got me thinking, is this a way of life I enjoy? Ultimately, the simple and short answer is yes. The fact that I’m busy and have all these opportunities to do all of this exciting stuff is a privilege and I shouldn’t forget that. Of course, everyone needs downtime and I make sure to get it but at this stage in life where I have the energy and motivation in my life to do as much as possible I’m going to grab it.

August is the quietest month of the year, but having it all to myself would be a waste. So I’m going to treat you to a whole month of me whittling on about my thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

Until next time lovely people,


P.S I’m going to try and improve my writing during this month. Let’s hope we can see a difference?


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