Best Travel Apps

When you’re travelling you want it to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible so here are the apps you NEED to make that happen.

  1. Google Maps – This seems pretty obvious I know. But this was easily one of my most used apps when travelling – it takes away the need to fumble with paper maps (though having one is thoroughly recommended). It’s not perfect, and often glitchy but will usually get you there in the end. What we found especially useful was the that it could take into account public transport with times so you don’t need 100 different timetables.
  2. Splitwise – If you’ve ever been on holiday with friends you know the mess of people owing other people money. This app will be your saviour. Every time someone pays for something pop it into the app in whatever currency you happen to be in and it will add it to a running total.
  3. Happy Cow – If you’re vegan or vegetarian I’m sure you’ve already got this godsend of an app. It’s a lifesaver when you’re in a completely unknown place which you think is going to be totally vegan un-friendly and up pops an amazing vegan restaurant.
  4. Google translate – Who knew this had a scan function which translates writing for you?! It’s so useful in restaurants when you actually want to have a clue about what’s coming on your plate.

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