New Years Resolutions 2018

This resolution thing seems to be working for me so here we are for another year.

1. My priority for this year is reducing my waste. I’ve already started my zero waste journey but there is so much more to do. I am very lucky that I’m surrounded by people who share the same mindset as me, and I can’t wait to share this journey with them.

2. Continue my vegan activism. ‘Continue’ isn’t usually a word associated with new years resolutions but I’ve come so far in this area and I want to continue the momentum and go to the next level.

3. Meditate at least once a week. This year I’ve been going to a yoga class once a week and I love it – but I definitely need to delve into meditation more and sharpen my mind.

4. Maintain relationships – I’m going abroad for much of the year, meaning I will be away from all my closest friends and family. I’m excited at the opportunity to make new friends but know and recognise the effort I’m going to have to put in to maintain all the relationships I’ve grown in the past few years.

5. Read more books! This is the third year in a row I’m doing this one, but seriously, it’s getting silly now. I need to read more.

6. Be on my phone less. I am on the verge of addiction and it’s hindering not only my concentration but sometimes my socialising too. It would just be great to get that automatic habit of unlocking the phone thrown out.

That’s all for now!

Until next time lovely people,



Being Average-looking

In my opinion, the main advantage of being average looking as opposed to good looking is knowing, that when someone likes you, just as a friend or more, the love is real and not related to your looks in any way. The way you look is superficial and in my opinion, should have no contribution to your compatibility with another person so by not having a ‘wow’ factor you are taking the possibility of them not loving the ‘real’ you away.

This concept is a bit weird and not everyone I have talked to about it has agreed with me but I just thought I would put it out there.I don’t know if I made this up to make myself feel better or if it actually has some truth in it. Tell me what you think of this idea in the comments.

Until tomorrow lovely people,


Writing a Diary

It’s amazing how much of the past you forget and only uncover when sifting through old diary entries or photos. I often wonder how many wonderful moments I have forgotten about and will never remember because I haven’t documented them. But then again, I have experienced them first hand so does it matter that I won’t experience it again?

The reason I’ve been trying to write more regularly in my diary recently is because I love that feeling of reading it back, especially cherishing the small details that my brain just cannot retain. Even reading it after just a few weeks, the nostalgia that washes over you is so worth the tiny bit of time and effort of writing it down at the time.

On another note, I never write about the bad things. I just don’t see the point, however, I can see how for some people this would be a release and just the act of writing would make them feel better. Maybe I will try it next time I’m feeling down. Tell me what you guys think about writing a diary.

Until tomorrow lovely people,


My Weekend

This weekend has been exhausting but absolutely amazing. Here it is:

I went to work for the first time in a couple of weeks (I tutor kids) on Saturday morning and for the first time in a long time I felt this energy which is hard to explain but that I haven’t felt when going to work for ages. My smile when greeting the children wasn’t forced and enthusiasm not faked. I’ve been doing this job for almost two years now and I think the repetitive nature had started to get to me so it was really nice to truly enjoy it again.

Also on Saturday, I went to Gravity Force (basically a place with a load of trampolines) with my crew for my friend’s birthday. I felt like a little kid again at a bouncy castle birthday party. You know the feeling when you have a smile from ear to ear throughout your time because you are just so happy to be surrounded by friends doing something really fun? However much fun it was, it was equal amounts tiring; no wonder the trampolinists are so fit 😉

Today, I went paintballing for the first time. It was also a friends party but most of the people I went with I had never met before (they were my friend’s friends). This was a different kind of fun, it was lovely to bond with new people over shooting each other and just to have a chat with people with different perspectives. Luckily for me, they were all incredibly welcoming and made the day even more fun. Now, about the actual paintballing; it hurts! God it hurts, but it’s oh so worth it. The full extent of my bruising is yet to be uncovered but I’m sure it will be spectacular.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and don’t forget to have an awesome week!

Until next time lovely people,


Trying my hardest

This year I’m doing my AS level exams. These are important. Very important. And I’m a tad nervous. I go to a school where everyone achieves the highest grades and when people around you are stressing, talking about their plans for the future and are generally more clued up than you, it gets you down. I’ve been in this school for 5 years now so I should have gotten used to it but it’s still hard for it not to get to you down.

But I’ve made a concious decision this year to try my best. That way on results day I can’t say I should have got a higher grade because I couldn’t have. Well, that’s what I hope anyway. I think it’s it a lot easier said than done because can’t you always do better and try harder?

Until next time lovely people,


Making Friends

Today was the first day of a three day course where I went in knowing absolutely no one. My friend making skills were being put on the test. Now, let me tell you something, I used to be useless at making friends. When I was younger I used to wrap myself around my mums leg being too scared to go play with the other kids. I’ve come a long way from those days. I’ve realised that there’s nothing to be scared about, especially when other people are in the exact same situation as you. Just being completely open and most importantly yourself guarantees you to find someone like-minded. In this way I met two lovely people who I hope to spend a brilliant couple of days with. For me, this was very important since things like this are more enjoyable when you can laugh (and make sarcastic comments) with someone while doing it.

Until next time lovely people,


A Bloggers Sleep

I’ve always had a mini run through of the days events in my bed as I lie waiting for sleep to engulf me, but since I’ve started a blog my brain just goes into overdrive. I think everyone takes a moment at this time to cringe at their awkwardness (or is it just me?!) during the day or assess how discussions could have gone better or differently, however, now I think about how those discussions on various topics could be changed into blog posts. And then I literally write out the entire blog post in my head. This process, then increases my brain energy, meaning it takes be doubly long to calm it down again and eventually fall asleep. To think I used to sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

The most annoying thing about this whole process is that these ‘posts’ are beautifully written but I can’t for the life of me remember the exact phrasings or sometimes even the ideas in the morning. So I’ve basically lost sleep for nothing. Ending on a more positive note, this does mean that I’m thinking deeper than ever before about topics that would have once never crossed my mind.

Until next time lovely people,


P.S. Sleep tight and don’t let the blog thoughts bite. 😉

I Am Not A Writer.

To those who have read any of my previous blog posts this may be blatantly obvious but to everyone else I feel the need to clarify. In my eyes, someone who is a writer is someone who enjoys writing and may even be good at it – neither of these things are true for me. At this point you may be thinking ‘why the hell does she write a blog then?’ And this is where the excuses start.

I haven’t written a blog post in a looong time – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. I started a blog as an outlet for my opinions as well as to meet and interact with people of similar interests. The problem has been that whenever I sit down and attempt to write a post, I just can’t express what I want to say as easily in the written word as I can out loud. I am also painfully self concious of my sometimes appalling grammar and just generally not very good writing. But this stops now. From now on I’m just going to write without caring if people are going to judge or criticise my writing skills. If you are still reading after all this ramble then thank you.

Until next time lovely people,


Things That Make Me Happy


This idea was inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher who started making these lists on her amazing blog a while back. If you haven’t checked her blog out already you really should! It’s

I would also thoroughly recommend doing one of these lists yourself whether it’s hand written or not as they honestly do make you realise the smaller things in life which are worth recognising.

Until next time lovely people,


12 Personal Questions

I was stuck for an idea to kick off my blog and came across this tag. What better way to start than a structured blog post where nothing can go wrong…

1. What do you order at Starbucks? You think I go to a company which doesn’t pay tax in the UK? How dare you. No I’m joking, I order a regular latte. Yup, I’m that boring.

2.One thing in your closet you cannot live without? Jeans of course. I mean, can anyone live without jeans?!

3. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you? This is a hard one because I’m quite dull really. Maybe the fact I do actually cry contrary to popular belief?

4. Name one thing you want to do before you die. Now this is a list that needs a separate blog post in itself. Falling in love is my official answer.

5. What’s one food you cannot live without? Cheese. Everything tastes better with cheese.

6. What quote/phrase do you live by? Another question that is entitled to its own blog post. I’m going for: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha said these wise words.

7. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes? I do not own an iTunes account but a song I’m loving at the moment is Pompeii by Bastille.

8. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? I think this means clothing style and in that case it’s whatever happens to take my fancy. This ranges from baggy jumpers to tight-fitting tops.

9. Favourite number? 4.

10. Two Hobbies? Travelling and reading. (There are many, many more.)

11. Two Pet Peeves? Litter bugs (including those who don’t recycle) and ungrateful people.

12. Guilty Pleasures? Watching children’s T.V shows (MI High for the win).

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me, even if it was just a tiny bit.  I’ve also got some great ideas for new blog posts from these questions. I’m really sorry but I have no idea who created this tag so if you see it and it’s yours tell me so I can credit you!

Until next time lovely people,