I’m not going to lie and say I never have the desire to have material things (my weakness is always in the stationary) but I’ve always been acutely aware of how material goods are valued in society. And now, after some serious reflection and a few videos/documentaries on minimalism, greed and desire, I’ve become even more aware at how the material possessions I own impact my life.

Buying an object may make me happy for a few minutes or even a few hours after the purchase but it rarely lasts beyond that – so why waste my money, and clutter my space with unnecessary items? Now, with all the items I have (and those I will buy in the future) I have to go through a mental checklist as follows:

  1. Does this item add value to my life? This is the most important question. Do I use this item enough to justify keeping it? Am I just keeping it because I might use it in the future? Have I got more than one of the item?
  2. Is this an ethical item? This mainly applies to stuff I am buying. I have recently made a pledge to not partake in fast fashion or buy from high street stores so as well as this, I need to take whether it has animal products into account.

It’s quite surprising at really how much stuff you have, which might have seemed like a fabulous idea at the time but in reality is utterly useless (yes, I am talking about that random ornament from Barcelona that used to sit on your window sill).

I have a lot more to say about this, so expect another post, but I welcome your thoughts and experiences!

Until next time lovely people.




Earning Ethically?

The thought process of a lot of people (mine included until very recently) is that if you’re doing something good you should be doing it for free. Yet, if you’re doing something that exploits people, the planet or animals in your day to day job to whatever degree, it’s the norm.

This is a very new realisation for me and one that I’m still getting my head around. But, why do we expect charity workers to volunteer and give up their time for free while letting CEO’s exploiting people and animals of the hook? It just doesn’t really make sense.

I’m going to be making some changes in both my actions and thoughts from this epiphany and I would love to know your thoughts.

Until next time lovely people,


P.S – Shout out to TVC podcast for opening my eyes to this,

Losing Friends

Sometimes this happens in the most dramatic way with a big argument but other times it happens gradually, slowly – without you even noticing. And then one day, it hits you. You realise things aren’t how they used to be.

I’m not sure what I wanted to achieve by writing this except to acknowledge that this happens. Sometimes it’s worth fighting, other times you just have to accept it. It’s hard to know when to do which, but I tend to go by the rule, fight for a bit and see if they fight back. Then you know who’s worth fighting for.

Until next time lovely people,




Living in the Moment

Sometimes I just want to yell at people taking pictures – ‘LIVE IN THE FRICKING MOMENT PEOPLE!’

The other day, I went to a beautiful part of Oxford University – a room called the Divinity Room. My friend and I were just listening to the audio guide, soaking in the history and majestic nature of the room when a group of about 20 tourists come in, all with their selfie sticks and phone cameras at the ready. A few seconds in, they were posing in front of pews, taking dodgy quality pictures of each other and the room around them. It seemed like this was the only reason they’d even bothered coming.

I’ve been travelling a fair bit recently, and this seems to be a trend in any tourist place I’ve been to. The main goal seems to be the pictures. And I make ‘pictures’ plural intentionally – because taking a picture positioned the exact same way 100X is all the rage. Now, I understand the desire to capture a moment, but when there are professional photographers at a wedding, is your little camera phone going to really get a better shot? (I’ve also been to a lot of weddings recently…).

This all got a bit too ranty a bit too fast. I am not against taking photos at all, in fact I love taking pictures. But first and foremost, I’m there for the experience, and if the whole experience is looking through a screen, making sure I’ve got a picture of it then it’s not worth it.

I would love to know your opinion and whether I’m being a bit too harsh on tourists just wanting to remember their holiday in as much detail as possible.

Until next time lovely people,


Comfort Zones

I may have written about this before, but I just can’t express enough times how much stepping outside my comfort zone has genuinely made my life better. It has opened me up to so many opportunities that I never would have had if I had decided to stick to what I know.

When you get that feeling of apprehension mixed with excitement, you know something good is going to come of it. Whether that’s learning a new skill to help you in the future, or just making new friends. In my little cushy first world, I can’t think of a situation where you won’t learn something from stepping our your comfort zone – even if it just to never do that thing ever again.

Until next time lovely people – do something wild.


Must Watch Documentary

If you could live a life where you don’t have to murder and torture innocent sentient beings for no reason, would you?

If you live in the UK, or even if you don’t I would highly, highly recommend watching this documentary which shows the truth of the meat and dairy industry in the UK. After all, if you can’t bear to watch it, why is it okay for you to fund it?


My general rule about veganism is not to be too pushy as it turns people off. But other times people need truth bombs. And I hope this is one that will change your life for the better.

Until next time lovely people,



1 month of writing a blog post every single day. Here we go…

When deciding what month I wanted to do this, this year, I searched for a month where I was less busy and had more time to spend on writing. What I found was, that there was no month. My life this year is always ticking – I have breaks from uni, just to travel, and breaks from travel to socialise with family and friends I haven’t seen the rest of the year.

It got me thinking, is this a way of life I enjoy? Ultimately, the simple and short answer is yes. The fact that I’m busy and have all these opportunities to do all of this exciting stuff is a privilege and I shouldn’t forget that. Of course, everyone needs downtime and I make sure to get it but at this stage in life where I have the energy and motivation in my life to do as much as possible I’m going to grab it.

August is the quietest month of the year, but having it all to myself would be a waste. So I’m going to treat you to a whole month of me whittling on about my thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

Until next time lovely people,


P.S I’m going to try and improve my writing during this month. Let’s hope we can see a difference?

Is Happiness a Choice?

Now, this is a deep, super difficult question to give a black or white response to. I’m sure you have probably heard both sides of the story but this is where I put my twopence into the debate (is that even the right phrase?).

Yes, I believe happiness is a choice. But here’s the catch, I believe happiness is a choice for me. I know that if I’m unhappy for whatever reason it’s most likely unnecessary and I can take steps to get back on the path of happiness.

In my individual brain, I can focus my energy into either positive or negative thoughts. Every moment of the day, I choose whether I think about the things I am grateful for or the things I am lacking. No one else is in my head controlling those thoughts. Of course, environmental factors come into play. However, I know I can turn around most situations into a positive.

At this point I just want to put in a little disclaimer that when I talk about this topic, it comes from a position of privilege where my very basic needs are always fulfilled and there is rarely a severe reason such as my starvation or bereavement for me to be unhappy about.

And this is why I believe happiness is a choice for me. It’s because I have experienced the control I have over my happiness and know the power of that my thoughts have over my feelings.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this complicated but very interesting topic! Also, any book suggestions that tackle this issue would be very much appreciated.

Until next time lovely people,


Is Love a Feeling or a Choice? | GUEST WRITER

This question first sprung to mind whilst listening to a track from Justin Bieber’s most recent album, titled ‘The Feeling’. The chorus starts off with the words, “Am I in love with you, or am I in love with the feeling?” – which subsequently got me thinking, what is love, if not a feeling?

In my eyes, love for another person, is wanting the best for them at any and all costs. Love is, to me, selfless. It shouldn’t be about how the other person makes you feel, it should be about how you can make the other person happy. Being selfless, I believe, is not something that comes to humans naturally. During the days of the caveman, there was selfish competition to stay alive and now during the days of Instagram, there is selfish competition for self validation. Humans are selfish. So how can we say, that love, something so pure and selfless, is something that comes naturally to us, when we are so selfish in other everyday matters? Hence I believe that love is a choice.

Think of it like an athlete training for a sport. There is an initial spark, an initial attraction to the sport, so the athlete decides to pick it up. He begins to train for it, he works hard for it. During the training period, he may run into injuries, he may find that the training is taking up too much of his time, he may decide that the sport is not for him and he may quit. However, another athlete, might run into the same problems, but choose to solve them, communicate and keep persevering. And this athlete may find it difficult in the short run, but in the long run, he will get stronger and he will become better.

This is what I believe a relationship is like. Relationships ask us to do difficult things, forgive people, console people in times of grief, make sacrifices for people. And sometimes it can be tiring, and people do quit, there are divorces and breakups. But some people choose to try solve the problems they might face, together. This is real love. It will be hard work and it will be difficult at times, but, just like an athlete, the rewards you reap after your hard work will be satisfying.

You can’t help who you’re physically attracted to, but ls-qnrGYyou can help who you are in love with, and more importantly, who you stay in love with. This is why I believe love is a choice.



I just wanted to say thank you to Ria for guest writing this very interesting post. Comments are very welcome!

Until next time lovely people,


Giving Unconditionally.

The most inspirational people I know are those who give their time, energy and expertise to help others without expecting anything in return. Not acknowledgement, not praise and not money. These people go the extra mile to help others out, and so importantly, their intentions are pure.

Especially in this capitalist society, it is so easy to get caught up in self-centred thoughts and doing what’s best for you at every point. Most people rarely go out of their way to help someone out. People may pass you the salt across the table but most aren’t willing to go to the kitchen to get it. (Yes, that was a weird analogy, it made sense in my head!)

Yesterday, in our leavers assembly, one of our teachers said, always share the knowledge you have. All too often we get bogged down in this competitive culture of trying to be better than everyone else, get higher grades etc, so we keep the knowledge we have to ourselves in order to make ourselves seem better than the rest. But in reality, that doesn’t make you a better person and doesn’t make you happy or satisfied with your life, so was their really any point in doing it?

I have a lot more to say on this topic so there may be a part two, but I’d love to know your opinions on this so drop me a comment.

Until next time lovely people,