New Years Resolutions 2018

This resolution thing seems to be working for me so here we are for another year.

1. My priority for this year is reducing my waste. I’ve already started my zero waste journey but there is so much more to do. I am very lucky that I’m surrounded by people who share the same mindset as me, and I can’t wait to share this journey with them.

2. Continue my vegan activism. ‘Continue’ isn’t usually a word associated with new years resolutions but I’ve come so far in this area and I want to continue the momentum and go to the next level.

3. Meditate at least once a week. This year I’ve been going to a yoga class once a week and I love it – but I definitely need to delve into meditation more and sharpen my mind.

4. Maintain relationships – I’m going abroad for much of the year, meaning I will be away from all my closest friends and family. I’m excited at the opportunity to make new friends but know and recognise the effort I’m going to have to put in to maintain all the relationships I’ve grown in the past few years.

5. Read more books! This is the third year in a row I’m doing this one, but seriously, it’s getting silly now. I need to read more.

6. Be on my phone less. I am on the verge of addiction and it’s hindering not only my concentration but sometimes my socialising too. It would just be great to get that automatic habit of unlocking the phone thrown out.

That’s all for now!

Until next time lovely people,



Zero waste

My first thoughts when I watched that TED talk (bloody love TED talks) about zero waste many months ago was, ‘what a great thing to do but nah, it’s not for me.’

And then, I stumbled upon a couple more articles, then a few YouTube videos and now here I am, about 1 month in to my zero waste journey. And, I’m calling it a journey because it is – I am nowhere near zero waste yet, but I’ve started to make the changes needed, and once you get started I don’t think you ever look back. The main message about all of this is doing something is better than doing nothing. Refusing to take that straw or bring your own bag to the store still reduces your impact on the world that tiny bit more than being a completely unaware consumer.

Being zero waste, unlike veganism, in my opinion cannot be done overnight. It’s a learning process which has easy and hard bits. Easy bits include no longer buying plastic water bottles or using plastic bags. Hard bits include resisting buying that packet of crisps or completely changing your bathroom habits.

I want to record my journey, encourage others to also try it out, just as people like sustainbly vegan and rehana sara inspired me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills or time to do YouTube but check out my instagram veganprina to keep up to date.

Please link me to your favourite zero-wasters and any videos/articles that are related! 

Until next time lovely people,




I’m not going to lie and say I never have the desire to have material things (my weakness is always in the stationary) but I’ve always been acutely aware of how material goods are valued in society. And now, after some serious reflection and a few videos/documentaries on minimalism, greed and desire, I’ve become even more aware at how the material possessions I own impact my life.

Buying an object may make me happy for a few minutes or even a few hours after the purchase but it rarely lasts beyond that – so why waste my money, and clutter my space with unnecessary items? Now, with all the items I have (and those I will buy in the future) I have to go through a mental checklist as follows:

  1. Does this item add value to my life? This is the most important question. Do I use this item enough to justify keeping it? Am I just keeping it because I might use it in the future? Have I got more than one of the item?
  2. Is this an ethical item? This mainly applies to stuff I am buying. I have recently made a pledge to not partake in fast fashion or buy from high street stores so as well as this, I need to take whether it has animal products into account.

It’s quite surprising at really how much stuff you have, which might have seemed like a fabulous idea at the time but in reality is utterly useless (yes, I am talking about that random ornament from Barcelona that used to sit on your window sill).

I have a lot more to say about this, so expect another post, but I welcome your thoughts and experiences!

Until next time lovely people.



Must Watch Documentary

If you could live a life where you don’t have to murder and torture innocent sentient beings for no reason, would you?

If you live in the UK, or even if you don’t I would highly, highly recommend watching this documentary which shows the truth of the meat and dairy industry in the UK. After all, if you can’t bear to watch it, why is it okay for you to fund it?


My general rule about veganism is not to be too pushy as it turns people off. But other times people need truth bombs. And I hope this is one that will change your life for the better.

Until next time lovely people,


Writing a Diary

It’s amazing how much of the past you forget and only uncover when sifting through old diary entries or photos. I often wonder how many wonderful moments I have forgotten about and will never remember because I haven’t documented them. But then again, I have experienced them first hand so does it matter that I won’t experience it again?

The reason I’ve been trying to write more regularly in my diary recently is because I love that feeling of reading it back, especially cherishing the small details that my brain just cannot retain. Even reading it after just a few weeks, the nostalgia that washes over you is so worth the tiny bit of time and effort of writing it down at the time.

On another note, I never write about the bad things. I just don’t see the point, however, I can see how for some people this would be a release and just the act of writing would make them feel better. Maybe I will try it next time I’m feeling down. Tell me what you guys think about writing a diary.

Until tomorrow lovely people,


Don’t take yourself too seriously!

When you fall down the stairs face first at the train station (which has obviously never happened to me…) instead of feeling embarrassed and worrying about what everyone around you thinks, laugh it off. Not only can you have a good giggle about it with your friends, but you’ve also given the people around you something to smile about. Increasing the overall happiness in the world by making a fool of yourself every now and then can’t be a bad thing right?

Laughing at myself has become such a regular occurrence and I have so many stories about falling off chairs, down staircases and kicking pigeons (it was an accident, I swear!) that it just comes as second nature. Sometimes, the people around me are more embarrassed about my clumsiness than I am, but I don’t blame them, I did once get my bright orange backpack stuck in the ticket barriers and have to be rescued by a big burly man.

You could also consider this in terms of just being silly. Of course there’s a time and a place to be silly, and in the middle of the most important meeting of your life is probably not the right time to be making monkey faces, but being silly and even a little childish can be so frickin’ hilarious so why miss an opportunity for laughter eh?

Until next time lovely people,


Leaving A Positive Digital Footprint

I don’t know about you guys but most assemblies all through school are a blur to me and most of the time an utter waste of time. But, there was one a couple of years ago which has really stuck with me. It was about leaving a positive digital footprint.

Before that moment I had never deeply thought about how every word and picture I posted on the internet would be there forever and people may even judge my personality on it. This led me to make a change in what I posted and contributed to the massive world of the internet. I wrote more positively, was less judgemental and generally nicer. This also happened to coincide with my change in thinking to a more positive mindset which I will hopefully talk about in the future. It feels so good being able to look back at old posts and not regret them (although cringing is still inevitable!).

So, I thank that teacher who gave the only memorable assembly in 5 years and urge you to think about what you post on the internet and if it’s something you will be proud of in the years to come.

Until next time lovely people,


Being Healthy

I’m no health fanatic or guru and I enjoy my cheesecake just as much (let’s face it – more) than the next person but here are my tips for just the average person to become a bit healthier without going crazy with salads and work outs.

1) Swap that chocolate bar/crips packet you’re heading for with a piece of fruit or an energy bar. Not only will it keep you going longer but they have much more goodness packed in them and will make you feel way better in the long run.

2) Take the long route home while walking home. It may not seem like much but doing it every day really does add up!

3) If you don’t walk home then take the opportunity to go for a walk in the evening and appreciate the beauty of this time of year. Whether it’s the Christmas lights in town or the frost on the bare trees. This is really de-stressing as well as a good bit of exercise!

4) Smoothies. Need I say more? They taste great and are packed with nutrients.

5) For a more wintery drink to keep you warm and cosy go for green tea. There are loads of anti-oxidants in them that will make you feel great. It also goes towards your water intake for the day which is an added bonus.

6) Leading on nicely from that is water. You’ve probably heard this a load of times but water truely does make you feel great.

I don’t know any more than the next person about health but I do know that sometimes you just need that little boost to get going so here it is!

Happy 5th December,

slothyqueen 🙂

P.S We are just going to ignore the fact I’ve missed a couple of days 😉